Frequently Asked Questions

Are all items on the website available now?

We do our very best to have all items shown, in stock. If for any reason an item is out of stock you will be notified via phone or email with a new time frame and the option to accept the revised date, cancel your order or replace with a comparable item.

Are any of the items on the website limited?

Yes, there are many limited items that cannot be recreated due to closeout fabrics or materials used. However, there may be a similar item available. If you see an item you love it’s always best to purchase asap before it is no longer available.

When can I expect my order to ship?

We try our very best to ship within 3 business days from North Carolina and the delivery speed depends on your shipping location and the shipping choice made when placing your order.

What kind of fabrics do you use?

The finest fabric we can source that is applicable for each item being created and sewn. Hours upon hours are spent finding unusual and exquisite fabrics.

Where is everything made?

All design work, appliquéing, machine embroidery and sewing is completed from a work room in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

What type of inserts comes with my pillow cover?

Our pillow covers all come with Pillowflex synthetic down inserts sized slightly larger than the pillow covers to give a full look and feel. These have no allergens. You get the look and feel of a pure down pillow that is hypoallergenic, cruelty free and with no feathers poking through or floating throughout the room. They are proudly made in Palmetta, GA from American fibers. We support American manufacturing!

Can any embroidery design I see be embroidered on any other item I see on the website?

No, not all are suitable for all materials and applications. However, if we cannot use the exact design you want, perhaps we can find something similar we both can agree on for your project.

Do you do custom work and can you use my fabric?

Absolutely! Please email us HERE with the specifications of what you would like us to create. Then an estimate with a lead time will be generated and emailed back to you, for your approval and payment. On custom orders we will charge your credit card upon receiving the signed agreement. Yes you can choose your own fabric. Before making the fabric purchase we ask that you mail us a sample to make sure that the fabric you have selected is suitable for your planned project. After we have approved the fabric you can either have it mailed directly to us from the supplier or you can mail it yourself.

How do I care for specific items purchased?

With each item purchased you will be supplied with specific care instructions.

Why the name “Sunset Stitches?”

We wanted a name that both reflected the place that inspired us, “Sunset” (Beach, NC) and a name that depicted how our products are created, “Stitches.”

Do you have a storefront?

No, we do not have storefront location. We do however participate in several Artisan Craft Fairs. Please refer to our Events page for a list of upcoming events or join our mailing list here to be notified of upcoming events.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes, we do have seasonal sales through the website to clear space for the next season. Please join our mailing list in the sidebar here to be the first to know about upcoming sales.

Do you have a mailing list that I can be added to?

Yes, you can sign up in the sidebar here (or on any store page) and be the first to know about sales, promotions and events.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please feel free to contact Sunset Stitches via email or by filling out the form here.  Please give us 24 hours to respond.